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As I was studying for one of the biggest exams of my life tonight, I came across a picture that when I first saw it I was stunned. I’ve seen many gross and shocking things in my 2 years of medical school, but there is just something about this one picture that left me at a loss for words. I don’t know if I can make the picture as a link or something so I won’t shock some of you. If you want to see it just email me. (Edit: Liz, I added the pictures, Daniel) It is a picture of a brain at autopsy. The cause of death: bacterial meningitis.
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normal brain Normal Brain

bacterial meningitisMeningitis Brain


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Liz and Her Red Hat

Liz and Her Red Hat, originally uploaded by hrtmnstrfr.

A neat pic I like of my wife and her red hat. This picture was taken at iso 3200, there is a little noise there but actually really acceptable for 3200.

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Otis in Repose

Otis in Repose, originally uploaded by hrtmnstrfr.

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Welcome to Memphis.

I was in the shower when I heard my dogs barking unusually loud; so loud that I got out of the shower, put a towel around my waist and walked into the computer room. Just then the door to the outside moved like someone was trying to open it. I peaked through the blinds only to find myself face to face with a greasy man. This was pretty surprising, so I jumped back and ran into the bedroom. I glanced out the bedroom window to see the man throwing my wife’s 1200 dollar Bianci road bike over the fence after which he jumped over into the alley. I threw on clothes as fast as I could, grabbed my dog, leashed him and went out the back door. I chased him for two city blocks before I lost sight. He had already popped both tires and was riding on rims. A woman walking her dogs told me she saw him go up the street and make a right, too far I thought. So, I went back home, angry and without the bike. I called the police, they came and filed a report. So that was that, my first time being robbed. What kind of person walks into someone’s yard at 4pm and tries to enter their house? Obviously some crazy Memphian. Had the door in the office not been permanently locked I would have found myself looking at this man face to face inside my house with a towel around my waist!

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Earth to Kansas, no…ok nevermind.

Kansas has revised their position on teaching evolution in public schools. Apparently all it takes to prove God is responsible for the universe is a 6-4 vote from the Kansas school board.

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