Smite Me.

My New Nokia Phone

There are times in life when it seems the entire universe is conspiring against me; this weekend for example. Saturday afternoon while making sure my wife’s car was safe for the 200 mile trip to Nashville, I left my cell phone on top of her car. It wasn’t until she drove off and I got in my car to head home that I realized my mistake. Trying not to panic I was searching my memory for some forgotten alternate location that I might hope to find the phone, it was just then that my car cut off in traffic. So here I was broken down in traffic on Union Ave without a phone. Stricken with anxiety I hastely tried to turn the engine over, to my suprise on the thrid attempt the engine fired and I was off. I quickly realized the car will start, it will drive but when ever I stop it cuts off. I managed to drive home while avoiding stopping (don’t ask). Now it may have occured to you earlier that losing ones cell phone isn’t that big a deal, usually it is not. However, in this particular situation, my cell phone is my only phone. And, even if I were to go to a pay phone I know virtually no one in Memphis and even if I did all the numbers are stored in my cell. I spent the rest of Saturday at home, with no phone, no car, and no way to know my wife had made it to Nashville safely not to mention no way to see King Kong. I am a bit reluctant to claim that these disasters always seem to happen in pairs or triplets, but it is more than ironic that they do. I guess the old saying holds “When it rains it pours”.


December 18, 2005. Daniel, Miscellaneous, Photos.


  1. george replied:

    Sorry to hear about the loss, dude. It’s always tough losing a close friend. Tyrone sends his condolences. He also says your new phone is looking prooty hot…what’s her name?

  2. Daniel replied:

    It doesn’t really have a name yet…I am working on that.

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