I am Jack’s Raging Bile Duct.

I am dumb-founded. I took the car back to the shop today and sure enough the radiator is busted. It isn’t just a little leaky, it is spraying anti-freeze and water up into the air and onto the floor. The guy at garage immediately reassures me that he will get an estimate ($300). At this point I am mad, I have been driving this car everyday for 6 months to and from work and only once have I put water in the radiator, exactly half a gallon. When they fixed the car they also flushed the radiator and had that gash been there before them doing the radiator flush the technician would have seen anti-freeze spraying and they would have informed me I would have to get that fixed as well. As it were, they did not inform me my radiator was busted. This leaves two alternate possibilities, either the radiator burst as a result of the radiator flushing OR it randomly failed. Now, is it possible that the radiator could have failed on its own, of course. But is this likely? Not really. My theory is, the tech who flushed my radiator caused the damage, whether he knew it or not I can only speculate. But, one thing is certain he did not inform anyone. Thanks.


December 20, 2005. Uncategorized.

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