Oh Snap!

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January 23, 2006. Daily Photo. 1 comment.

“The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful.”

I’m sitting here on my brother’s patio in Merritt Island, FL. It’s 76 degrees and lovely. I guess you could call this an impromptu getaway from the dregs of medical school. You see, Daniel is in Virginia Beach right now visting his family, and I was just going to chill out in Nashville this weekend with the ‘rents. However, my mom was in Florida last weekend and just never left. So she flew me down!!
Last night we went down to the beach (Cocoa Beach) for a bonfire. It was very fun, and meeting all George’s friends was a riot. We partied hard until 3am. Then, this morning my brother tried to kill me on a 3.5 mi run (I’m not used to the heat). After some afternoon studying, we will head over to Orlando for another party, thus is the life of my brother.
I’m flying home tomorrow. This has been a brief, yet much needed break for me. And now I’ll be ready to put the pedal down and study for my boards! Thanks George and Mom for the great weekend!!

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Memphis Flickr Meet-Up.

Broken in B&W

The Memphis Flickr Group met up on Sunday for the first time. We grabbed some lunch at Fresh Slices and then went over to Calvery Cemetery to take some pictures. The cemetery is one a few somewhat famous cemeteries in Memphis. There was plenty to shoot becuase this cemetery is HUGE and decaying. Click HERE to see more of the pics I took.

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The Last Sunset of 2005

The Last Sunset of 2005

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