“The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful.”

I’m sitting here on my brother’s patio in Merritt Island, FL. It’s 76 degrees and lovely. I guess you could call this an impromptu getaway from the dregs of medical school. You see, Daniel is in Virginia Beach right now visting his family, and I was just going to chill out in Nashville this weekend with the ‘rents. However, my mom was in Florida last weekend and just never left. So she flew me down!!
Last night we went down to the beach (Cocoa Beach) for a bonfire. It was very fun, and meeting all George’s friends was a riot. We partied hard until 3am. Then, this morning my brother tried to kill me on a 3.5 mi run (I’m not used to the heat). After some afternoon studying, we will head over to Orlando for another party, thus is the life of my brother.
I’m flying home tomorrow. This has been a brief, yet much needed break for me. And now I’ll be ready to put the pedal down and study for my boards! Thanks George and Mom for the great weekend!!


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“Twenty-four [sic] is old. It’s almost 25, which is like almost mid-20s.”

Mmmm…Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by hrtmnstrfr.

The quote is courtesy of pop-tartlet Jessica Simpson. I felt it was appropriate on this my twenty-fourth birthday. No, I don’t feel old; I actually still feel very young–and according to a lady at William’s & Sonoma this past weekend, “You, married?? You look like you are fourteen!!” Thanks, Mom and Dad for the good genes.
But all in all I had a good birthday. I went to class, had a good run, got some presents from my husband, watched a movie, studied (a little), and ate some TCBY cake!!!
I also heard from many friends and family wishing me a happy birthday, which is always the best part of the day! In fact, I heard from some very good friends that I haven’t talked with in way too long. That just made my day. So thanks to everyone for making me feel special on this Pearl Harbor Day.

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beware. (a liz post)

As I was studying for one of the biggest exams of my life tonight, I came across a picture that when I first saw it I was stunned. I’ve seen many gross and shocking things in my 2 years of medical school, but there is just something about this one picture that left me at a loss for words. I don’t know if I can make the picture as a link or something so I won’t shock some of you. If you want to see it just email me. (Edit: Liz, I added the pictures, Daniel) It is a picture of a brain at autopsy. The cause of death: bacterial meningitis.
Back to the books…

normal brain Normal Brain

bacterial meningitisMeningitis Brain

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